News for September 2007

Christmas in July

September 01, 2007 / James Berglund

Her eyes were riveted to the clock as she waited, timecard in hand, to end her shift. She would escape the torment of this dysfunctional torture chamber called work and roam the mall free for a hour or so of shopping before she had to pick up her duties as wife and mother. She punched the time clock at the exact moment that it read 2:00 and headed out the door. "Don't forget tomorrow we need you here early." Satan orchestrated the timing of the bosses' parting shot, only accentuating Meg's state of desperation.

Preserving Spiritual Care

September 01, 2007 / Heather Wheeler

Adventist Health is committed to treating the whole person—body, mind and spirit. Because of this philosophy, chaplains are an integral part of the care team, working side by side with doctors, nurses and technicians to meet the needs of patients and their families.

Whole-person care is a vital component of the system's health care approach and Adventist Health is finding creative ways to ensure that chaplains will always be a part of its healing environment.

If You Bake it, They Will Come WWC Student Hears God's Calling

September 01, 2007 / Becky Beddoe

In 2004, while participating in the Walla Walla College (WWC) summer language program in Greece, Steven Binus had a dream. He saw himself in a bakery, pounding dough and telling people about the Bread of Life. A voice said to him, "If you bake it, they will come." He woke up before the sun rose and recorded the vivid dream in his journal.

Upon his return to WWC, Binus began working for the Good Neighbor Adventist Company in Walla Walla and met a man who ran a café called His Garden & Bakery.

Joining the Family Auburn Adventist Academy Welcomes New Faculty and Staff

September 01, 2007 / Jondelle McGhee

Auburn Adventist Academy (AAA) is happy to announce the arrival of six new faculty.

Francisco Brito, of Fife, Wash., has a bachelor's in religion and a minor in Spanish and will teach Spanish at the academy. He is originally from the Dominican Republic where he worked as a technical teacher. “I have always loved working with teenagers," Brito said. "I hope to not only be a teacher, but also a pastor, mentor and friend for the students.”

Fin de Semana Histórico Se Llevó a Cabo el Primer Campestre Hispano en la Conferencia de Washington

September 01, 2007 / Omar Grieve

El Departamento del Ministerio Hispano de la Conferencia de Washington tuvo el orgullo de presentar su primer Campestre Hispano de tres días en el mes de Junio.

Más de 1,000 miembros asistieron el sábado por la mañana.

Armando Miranda, vicepresidente de la Conferencia General, fue el orador invitado. Miranda hizo un llamado y muchas personas manifestaron públicamente su decisión de bautizarse.

KACS Radio Ministry Raises Friends, Not Just Funds

September 01, 2007 / Cameron Beierle

The Adventist radio station serving the I-5 corridor between Longview and Tacoma, Wash., recently held an on-air friendraiser drive.

Cameron Beierle, station manager of independently-operated 90.5 KACS-FM, said the friendraiser increased the connection with listeners beyond a simple pledge or donation.