You Don't Know How Much It Means Until It's Over

Seventh-day Adventist education is without a doubt one of the greatest opportunities you can experience. Today, if I had never attended Seventh-day Adventist schools (Gem State Academy), I don't know where I'd be. The schools, education, experiences and staff have taught me so much about coming up with my own opinions, deciding what I believe in and then standing up for those beliefs. I choose my own path; I don't follow the world's tradition.

I have taken advantage of everything from being on the volleyball, basketball and gymnastics teams, to traveling all over the United States (and Canada) with bells and band. This year Sound Wave, my bell group, performed at Disney World in Florida. The mission trip to Peru in spring of 2006 and attending GYC (General Youth Conference) in December of 2006 both significantly added to my desire to serve Jesus and stand up for who I am through Him.

My education has also brought my family closer together in their common goal of supporting and encouraging me by coming to my games and performances or helping me earn the necessary money for Bible conferences or mission trips. However, providing an Adventist education for me hasn't always been easy. It has created its own share of struggles, but through it all we've overcome and grown.

With graduation right around the corner, I finally understand why we went through all of those sacrifices for schooling. It is my belief that you truly don't know how much it means until it's over. My Adventist education means so much to me, and I wouldn't have traded it for the world.

July 01, 2007 / Idaho Conference