What a Difference a Dean Makes

July 01, 2007 | Carmen Slavens

Think back to your boarding school years and you may remember a dean who made a difference in your life. One such dedicated man, John Willis, is doing just that at Upper Columbia Academy (UCA).

This is Willis' third year as UCA's boys' dean, and he can't imagine himself doing anything else! He has spearheaded and been involved in several unique activities in the dorm, including the new dorm council.

Willis organized a committee of guys, chaired by a resident assistant (RA), to deal with dorm issues like late leaves, dorm worship tardies and dress code challenges. "This program has been very successful and is empowering the guys to make as many decisions as possible, while still under our direction," comments Willis.

Willis' mission for the dorm is "to make the dorm feel like a family environment, where guys feel like brothers, a place they can call home." He strives to create leaders in the young men, thus making the campus stronger. "When you have strong male leaders, the entire campus becomes a stronger place for good," Willis declares.

Senior Andrew Vizcarra, head RA, sums it up best when he says, "Dean Willis is all for his boys, doing anything and everything possible to make sure they are OK. The way he handles himself and others brings him total respect by all. He loves what he does, and it shows!"

Thank you, John Willis, for your dedication in making a difference in the lives of the guys of Upper Columbia Academy!