PAS Students Receive Grant From Poulsbo Garden Club

Students at Poulsbo Adventist School wanted a new garden. So they wrote a grant request to the Poulsbo Garden Club asking for funds to create a school garden area.

The students drafted letters and drew pictures of what they wanted, drafted letters. Class results were compiled and turned into a single letter and design. The design was professionally drawn up by a parent and was used to research prices for the materials. The proposal and grant request for $200 was mailed on the day of the deadline.

The garden consisting of several raised beds and a greenhouse will grow carrots, corn and a few flowers. Through the summer months it will be tended by school staff and a few of the students. As they work in the garden, students will learn natural gardening techniques using the compost collected on site.

The garden club responded with a letter granting the students' request and commending them for a "thorough and well done" proposal.

July 01, 2007 / Washington Conference

Kerry Tretheway, PAS principal