Livesay Leaves Livingstone

July 01, 2007 | Jaimie Myaing

Barbara Livesay has been the principal of Livingstone Adventist Academy for the past 11 years.This year, she announced that she would be leaving. She has been a much-loved and admired leader, and the entire school family is sad to see her go. This article was published previously in an issue of Livingstone's student newspaper, "The Roar."

Sitting in her office, waiting for my interview, I couldn't help but notice the vast number of picture frames Barbara Livesay had surrounding the room—on her desk and on shelves, with a slide show screensaver of family portraits on her computer to top it off. It's no secret that family plays a major role in her life. Livingstone has been like a family to her as well.

With 11 years of hard work behind her, Livesay is ready to spend more time with family, which is why she is leaving. Her husband travels a lot and would like to have her come with him on his trips. She is not sure if she'll take another job, but says, "The Lord has always had something for me to do. And we've seen the evidence of that in the work she's done here.

Hearing her talk about the kids and staff, it's clear that Livingstone will always have a place in her heart. She's enjoyed watching the growth and will miss being a part of it all. "I love you guys, and I love everything about my job," Livesay says sincerely. But as I watched her hold a family portrait, pointing out beloved children and adored grandchildren, a smile radiating on her face, it's hard to be resentful about her leaving.

"Mrs. Livesay has made this school a place where students are free and encouraged to excel academically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually," says new principal Jon Dickerson. "I hope to continue the work she has begun."

His words couldn't be more true. Putting her heart and soul into a job that has made this school what it is today, Livesay's compassionate spirit and love for Livingstone will never be forgotten.