"InTents" at WWC A Momentum Reaping Event

Walla Walla College has been an active participant in Momentum along with the rest of the North Pacific Union Conference. This school year (2006–07), in addition to our emphasis on prayer and small groups, we have had three reaping series: In the fall, "There's Something I Need to Tell You"; in the winter quarter, "The Revelation of Jesus in the Book of Revelation"; and the annual InTents meeting in the spring.

The InTents meetings, now in their 15th year, have been intentionally evangelistic and target college students. The staff pitches a tent on campus. Sometimes college students are the speakers, but this year we invited Ron Sydney, Ephesus Church pastor from Pasco, Washington, to be the speaker. The Lord blessed, and we had some surprises and rejoicings. Here are three:

A gentleman from Salt Lake City—a Mormon all his life—has never attended a Seventh-day Adventist meeting. He heard the music and came to the tent. He told his story of gambling addiction and other dysfunctional behaviors. He loved what he heard and experienced under the tent and expressed his desire to learn more of Adventism.

A young lady who left her dysfunctional husband on the East Coast was walking her baby one evening when she heard the music under the tent and came. She gave her heart to Christ.

The InTents team and the Spiritual Life and Mission office are following up on these two people.

A third person, a college student, firmed up her commitment to Jesus and the Seventh-day Adventist church under the tent, and was baptized at her local church on the final Sabbath.

July 01, 2007 / Momentum