Hermiston Jr. Academy Eighth-graders Go South of the Border

Joshua Aguilar and Joshua Peterson, two eighth-graders from Hermiston Jr. Academy with their teacher Randy Foss, his wife Jamie, and Lolita, Joshua Aguilar's mother, went to Ensenada, Mexico, for their annual eighth-grade mission trip this spring.

They had the opportunity to upgrade the exterior of one of the local Seventh-day Adventist churches, which had been vandalized by two feuding gangs. This project was timely as it helped in preparation for a second Seventh-day Adventist youth group that will follow this summer to conduct a Vacation Bible School.

Both boys were impressed by the poverty that these people face, and they did their best to put a new face on the church building. This was an encouragement to the members who are reaching out to their community. The students worked hard and had a lot of fun too!