Colleen Nilsson Dedicated Librarian for 39 Years At Milton-Stateline Adventist School

Colleen Nilsson has completed her 39th year at Milton-Stateline Adventist School (MSAS). She has worked for MSAS for her entire career, filling the roles of librarian, teacher and administrative assistant. She has touched the lives of hundreds of people during her education ministry.

She has worked at MSAS longer than any other person in the history of the school. She has gone on eighth-grade class trips almost every year, coordinated artwork for special programs, worked tirelessly to computer-automate book listings in the school library, and led out in a major reading project to improve student reading scores. To motivate students to read, Nilsson even spent the day reading on top of the school, rewarding students for achieving record numbers of books read this year.

She embodies the essence of Adventist education with her warm smile, love of children, encouraging words, and organizational skills. Truly, Nilsson has been a blessing to MSAS over the past 39 years.