Central Valley Christian School Celebrates 50 Years

July 01, 2007 | Lisa Sheldrake

Fifty years ago, in 1957, a small school, Corvallis-Albany Seventh-day Adventist Union School, started with 34 students in grades one through eight. Through the years, the name of the school has changed to Central Valley Jr. Academy and presently rests at Central Valley Christian School. Even if the name has changed, the location and positive, Christian education has remained the same. Currently the school is teaching 20 preschoolers, plus 65 students in kindergarten through ninth grade and is planning a big 50th reunion on Oct. 20.

Pam (Luna) Lytle remembers when the school first opened. She was in third grade and says: "There were 20 students in grades one through four. I remember wearing skirts and sitting in a rigid chair at a desk while listening to our teacher, Ms. McMurray." She continues, "I learned to love Jesus at Central Valley during worship with Pastor Freske."

Central Valley Christian School is still a place for students to make friends and fall in love with Jesus. "This is one of the most active schools I have ever been a part of. There are many outreach activities for the students, as well as fun learning experiences. I chose to be principal here because of the Christian atmosphere I felt among the staff, board and the students," shares Julia Dewey, who also teaches grades 3 and 4.

For more information about the reunion, e-mail Harriet Mills at hmills1120@hotmail.com or call her at (541) 928-7820. The school address is 31630 S.E. Hwy. 34, Tangent, OR 97389.