CAA Spanish Class Puts Language to Good Use on Mexico Mission Trip

If you're taking Spanish class, why not put your knowledge to good use? That's what four Columbia Adventist Academy senior girls, Shari Booth, KaraLeigh Kandoll, Nickele Prahl and Tristinn Williams did in February when they went to the Hogar De Refugil Infantil Orphanage near the Sea of Cortez in Villa Juarez, Mexico. Some parents and grandparents also went on the trip.

For six days of the almost two weeks they spent in Mexico, the group spent time cleaning and organizing the kitchen and classrooms, organizing donated clothes and, of course, playing with the children. They also were able to participate in the mid-week service and the Sabbath services at the orphanage. On the last weekend of the trip, the group visited the Adventist College (Colegio Pacifico) south of Navajoa.

Filled with the memories and good times to last a lifetime, the group headed back to the states to catch their flight home. However, on account of many little circumstances along the way, including long lines at the border, they missed their flight. After a one-day delay, they were able to get on a different flight, at no extra cost—what a blessing.

CAA is proud of its students—students who take the initiative to make a difference in their world. This trip was planned, the money was raised and the work was done all without any prodding from anyone on the school staff. What great kids we are unleashing on the world; we couldn’t be prouder.

July 01, 2007 / Oregon Conference