Newport Church Hosts Health Seminar

May 01, 2007 | Earl Brockman

The Newport (Wash.) Church, members of surrounding churches and community visitors were blessed in February with the health ministry of Paul Volk, called New Start Plus. This international health lecturer shared some of the latest research in health, along with the Bible’s teachings on this life-changing topic. A large crowd gathered for each meeting to enjoy Volk's talks, which were peppered with humor, testimonies and awe-inspiring stories. He shared many healthful recipes and demonstrated simple but beneficial exercises.

In addition to the health information, Volk showed his silver medals that he won in the Senior Olympics and a portion of the Bible more than 200 years old which he received on a visit to Russia. The final meeting closed with a banquet featuring a wide variety of delicious plant-based foods.

For the next few days after the seminar, Volk, with local pastor, Len Atkins, visited many local and some distant public high schools, including Newport, Sandpoint, Clark Fork, Priest River and Bonners Ferry. He talked to hundreds of students in general assemblies, and various health and science classes. The teachers were saying “wow” and some of the principals were saying that “they needed to have this guy back again.” After a talk in one of the alternative high schools, a student came up and said, “Thanks for coming, you saved my life.”