The New Desire of Ages Mailed to More Than 10,000 Northwest Clergy

Since December, when more than 43,000 North Pacific Union Conference households received a Christmas gift of the newly updated The Desire of Ages, donations have continued to come in to help send a copy of the book to every clergy member throughout the Northwest.

As a result, approximately 12,000 special "Clergy Resource Edition" copies were mailed during March to arrive as Easter gifts, complete with a card thanking clergy for partnering with Northwest Adventists in presenting Christ to their communities.

Response to the new edition has been so positive that Pacific Press is considering an additional printing to help churches obtain larger quantities at a discounted price for use in community outreach.


Dear Friends,

I want to express my personal appreciation to all of you who have supported this great historic initiative. Through some large gifts and many smaller donations $225,000 has been raised to completely fund this entire project.

The response we continue to received is heart-warming.

As I unwrapped the copy that came to our home, tears flooded my eyes—tears of joy and gratitude. —Spokane, Washington

What a joy to receive this new edition! It is beautiful! My husband is an Army chaplain in Iraq, and I will be sending it to him today. —Tacoma, Washington

Our church is so excited with this project and wants all 17,000 residents in the valley to receive a copy. ... Pray for us. —Cave Junction, Oregon

Yes, please do pray especially for the Northwest clergy as they use this inspired gift.

Thank you,

Jere D. Patzer

May 01, 2007 / North Pacific Union