Live Better, Live Longer! Seminar Attracts 52 Participants

May 01, 2007 | Harvey Steck

The Live Better, Live Longer seminar conducted by Jim and Neva Brackett at the Kettle Falls (Wash.) Church in January had 52 people attending. Seminar participants enjoyed a full-course vegan meal each evening, followed with a lecture by Jim. Neva then demonstrated how to prepare some of the items served that evening.

Everyone received a notebook with recipes and nutrition information to supplement Jim’s lectures. The Bracketts’ Seven Secrets cookbook was available for sale.

Of those attending the seminar, 23 were not members of the Adventist church. Some of these attended the follow-up lecture that Jim gave Sabbath morning on the function of the brain.

The Bracketts recently moved to the Kettle Falls area from Reno, Nevada, where Jim was ministerial director for the Nevada-Utah Conference.

A few weeks after the seminar, church members initiated a “Supper Club” as a way to maintain our contact with the visitors. The first one was well-attended.