A Gift of Warmth Sunset Makes 18 Afghans

Members of Sunset Christian Fellowship in Hillsboro, Ore., have been busy putting together afghans to give to those in need. Inspired by the compaign Warm Up America, members have been knitting or crocheting 7x9-inch rectangles. It takes 49 rectangles sewn together to make one afghan.

It would take quite awhile for one person to knit a whole afghan, but working together the church has been able to make 18 multi-colored afghans in one year. Each afghan has a unique pattern, reminding the receiver of the many different people who have put their time and thought into creating the final product.

Sunset has donated completed afghans to the Clark Center in Portland and to the Family Bridge in Hillsboro. “This project has been a great opportunity for all members of our church," says Jolene Jula, who started the project.

May 01, 2007 / Oregon Conference