From the Pulpit to the Pool Service Leads to Baptism for Inchelium Youth

Last January, Nathan Wehr, 15, traveled with a group from the Young Disciple Ministries to conduct an evangelistic series in the Philippines. One night before he got up to speak, his throat was sore and he was losing his voice. He prayed, asking God to empower him and help him deliver the message for the evening. “I felt the presence of God right there beside me,” Wehr said later, and he came back with a desire to make evangelism and missions a permanent part of his life.

“It was so rewarding to see the changes that took place in people when they accept Jesus into their lives,” said Wehr, who was baptized in the Inchelium Church on the weekend of his 16th birthday.

His sister, Laura, sang a song of dedication, All That I Am. Wehr was baptized by George Harsha, a retired Adventist pastor living near the Wehr family in Rice, Wash. Harsha had studied with Wehr in preparation for baptism.

Wehr has a determination to make a difference by helping people understand that Jesus is coming soon and that we need to be ready by spending time in God’s word every day.

He shared his convictions as he preached a sermon on religious liberty shortly after his baptism. In February of 2007 Wehr left again for the Philippines to preach in another evangelistic series.

April 01, 2007 / Upper Columbia Conference

Kathy Marson with Joyce Depner, a family friend