PAA Heroes The Committee of 100

April 01, 2007 | Liesl Vistaunet

When Terrance and Dawn Baltazar started the breakfast and lunch program at Portland Adventist Academy (PAA) this year, the kitchen was in some need of help.

When Bob Johnson, chair of the PAA mathematics department, agreed to oversee the PA system during alumni weekends, graduations, sports games and other events, he learned to manage the set-up process well, despite the lack of equipment.

When Jeanne Taylor began teaching literature and writing classes, the desks were some of the oldest at the school. They had been “hand-me-downs” from other schools in the area and over the years had even been given new tops and hardware. “They were showing their years all right,” said PAA plant manager Larry Cuadell.

The Committee of 100 recently brought $11,000 to the school which solved those problems and more. The Baltazars were given a share to update kitchen equipment, Johnson has been able to purchase sound equipment, and Taylor has new tables and chairs for her students. Furthermore, the library has 40 new chairs, the development department has a Canon SLR camera, the math department is purchasing a smart-board, and the newly founded string ensemble was given funding for an upcoming project.

“I’m happy,” says Terrance Baltazar. “I got new pans, a salad bar, a fryer; all kinds of great stuff.” Taylor was ecstatic over her new tables and chairs. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she said.

Marilyn Patchin, chair of the Committee of 100, says that over the group’s seven-year span, they’ve granted requests ranging from a rock wall for the climbing club to a refinery for converting cooking oil to fuel for cars.

“It’s for my school,” says Patchin. While Patchin is not a PAA alumnus, she has sent four of her own children to the school and she’s looking forward to her grandson attending in another 10 years. She’s a part of PAA’s past, continues to be active in the present and believes in planning for its future.

The Committee of 100 has positions open. To learn more about becoming a member, call (503) 255-8372, Ext. 230.