Valley Christian Students Active and Learning

March 01, 2007 | Waleeta Schwartz

In Kittitas Valley, the Valley Christian School (VCS) is continuing to work on their remodeling project with members contributing help in various ways. Meanwhile, the students are having fun learning and helping others in their community and the world.

VCS students and church members traveled to Seattle to view the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Seattle Science Center in October 2006. At their open house the students presented a program describing what they had learned using miniature scrolls and pictures.

In November, the 10 VCS students, teachers and parents/members visited the Portland Art Museum and the Portland Zoo.

The students decided to help people of other countries for their Christmas project this year. With money from donations, through ADRA, they were able to feed children and adults, plus buy animals for people to use, helping people from Ethiopia to Bangladesh to Brazil.