Pathfinders Find Friendship At Teen Retreat

I noticed Terri (not her real name) walking over to talk with Pastor Kevin Wilfley. That was nothing new because teens normally congregate around him to gain insight to his talk or to share comments. However, Terri was carrying a struggle too big—far too immense for being a teen. Yet, to look at Terri you would never know the agony of spirit it took to ask for help and share the personal story.

After talking with Terri, Pastor Kevin approached others and requested a season of prayer. A group of seasoned prayer warriors quickly gathered. I was privileged to pray for one Terri. During the season of prayer and for sometime afterward, the peace sent by God was tangible.

What brought about this level of trust? You will probably understand when I explain that during the Upper Columbia Conference Pathfinder Teen Retreat at Camp Mivoden, praying for others is considered an opportunity. We provide a non-threatening and non-judgmental atmosphere that is conducive to prayer requests. Just like Terri, teens can request prayers for their special petitions.

At retreat time, teens and their counselors step “out of time” and can concentrate on praying without the usual distractions and interruptions. Every year during the retreat a prayer wall is erected. This gives us all an opportunity to stop and request the prayers of others. By using the wall, God grants strength in many ways.

Teen Pathfinder Retreat renews the mind, body and spirit. It provides an opportunity to talk to God about life's struggles. Every day we face new struggles or get acquainted with old struggles. Struggles hit hard no matter the age of the person. The Teen Pathfinder Retreat is a blessing that assists teens during this difficult time.

March 01, 2007 / Upper Columbia Conference