Lents Holiday Bazaar Much More Than a Fundraiser

The Lents Activity Center (LAC) is special to Marilyn Fowler. In September 2004, just months after attending a prophecy seminar held there, she joined the Lents Church by profession of faith.

Last summer, when Fowler felt impressed to plan an event that would reach the community while helping to pay off the church’s mortgage on the LAC, she immediately set to work. On Nov. 5, 2006, her efforts culminated in the first Lents Holiday Bazaar.

Church and community members filled nearly 20 booths with items ranging from organic fruit, bread, and other health foods to books, clothes, and all types of handmade items. The church’s reputation for hosting neighborhood gym nights and other community-friendly activities in the LAC played a key role in the event’s success. People gladly rented booths to display their items “once they realized their table rental was going toward paying off our mortgage,” reports Fowler.

“It was an additional surprise that some chose to give us all their profits or a percentage of their sales.” Other church and community members donated supplies for the lunch stand, which sold veggies, apples, garden burgers, and soy cheese nachos. Nearly $1,000 was raised.

The event’s true benefit, however, was more evangelistic in nature. Of the 150 people who attended, about 40 to 50 came from the community. They had the opportunity to meet church members, browse literature tables, and learn about Pathfinders and Adventist education.

One local woman enjoyed talking with church members so much that she returned the following Sabbath to attend worship services. “God is still in the miracle-working business!” says Fowler, who hopes to make the bazaar an annual event.

March 01, 2007 / Oregon Conference