The First Baptism in the New Meridian Church Chavez Joins God's Family in Baptism

Jasmine Chavez became the first person to be baptized in the new Meridian Seventh-day Adventist Church on Dec. 2, 2006. Chavez spent several weeks studying with Garey Gantz, Meridian Church pastor, in preparation for this special event in her life.

I asked her if there was someone who had a special influence in her decision. She said, "I was thinking about my sister, Kimberly, in church one Sabbath. I was there and saw her get baptized, and I wanted to follow her and join her in her walk with Jesus."

That was when Chavez went to Gantz and told him, "I love God and I want to learn more about Him. Because I love Jesus, I want to follow Him all the way and be baptized."

This conversation took place at the Friends Church, where the Meridian Church family was meeting as they waited for their beautiful, new facility to be built. Chavez began studying with Gantz, and the plans were made for her to be baptised in the new church. As I visited with her, you could hear the happiness and a surety in her voice, resting in the knowledge that she had made the right decision.

March 01, 2007 / Idaho Conference