Willamette Valley Enjoys Church in the Park

Members of the Eugene, Springfield and Pleasant Hill churches gathered at Island Park along the Willamette River for "Church in the Park” Sabbath on Aug. 19, 2006. It was a high Sabbath in the southern Willamette Valley. The area churches have been celebrating a summer Sabbath together for several years now. Many years, new members join the church by baptism in the river before the potluck lunch is served.

This year, the weather was sunny and all over the reserved area of the park, people were reunited with their friends, catching up on the latest news and enjoying the services.

About 300 people were present for Sabbath School with singing and then lesson study by Blaine Fults, Springfield pastor. The worship service followed in the usual sequence with lots of group singing, special music, children’s story, and the sermon by Greg Middlestetter, Eugene pastor, titled, “Shamgar’s Ox Goad.”

February 01, 2007 / Oregon Conference