Rice for Cambodia Positive Life Radio Listeners Bless Campaign

The success of Positive Life Radio’s (PLR) fundraising campaign, Rice for Cambodia, evokes a heartfelt response from station staff.

“It was just an unbelievable, over-the-top blessing!” says PLR general manager Kevin Krueger. The campaign, in its fifth year, raises money to purchase rice for starving families in Cambodia.

This year PLR listeners pledged a record-breaking amount of more than $140,000—more than twice what was given last year. Nearly 670 listeners made donations. “That amount of money will purchase more than 500 tons of rice. That will feed at least 79,000 moms, dads, children, and grandparents in Cambodia for a month,” says Krueger.

For the Rice for Cambodia campaign, PLR coordinates with Musicianaries International, a nonprofit organization founded by Christian recording artist Bobby Michaels to promote the gospel through physical assistance, music and evangelism. The Musicianaries team visits Cambodia regularly to purchase and distribute rice to flood victims. The team also performs concerts and distributes the gospels of Mark and Luke in the native Khmer language.

“The enormous response we received this year will actually change the logistics of the trip,” says Krueger. “It was clear through the whole event that God was taking charge of this project and making it much bigger than we could ever imagine.”

That became increasingly evident the final morning of the campaign. “Every line was lit up all morning long,” exclaims Krueger. “As soon as one volunteer would hang up, the phone would ring again. We had to bring in extra volunteers from other places on campus just to keep up with the volume of callers. We are all truly blessed.”

The Positive Life Radio network is located on the Walla Walla College campus. PLR is heard on 15 broadcast outlets throughout the Inland Northwest and worldwide through the Netcast at www.plr.org.

February 01, 2007 / Walla Walla University