Eagle Church Presents Fifth Annual Live Nativity

About five years ago, members of the Eagle Church and the Eagle Adventist Christian School started talking about doing a live nativity. When they talked to the city officials, they showed interest in adding a live nativity to the parade route of the Eagle Country Christmas celebration. A few days before that event, several families arrived in front of the church with sheets of plywood and hammers.

On the cold, foggy evening of that first parade, lambs, goats, a donkey and a miniature horse gathered around the manger where church members were clad in borrowed Bible times costumes. Area residents brought their children to the only live nativity in Eagle.

Since that impromptu and modest beginning, the event has grown each year, now involving more than 200 people. The church now has more permanent set buildings, many costumes and props, and its own donkey. Through flyers, radio announcements and loudspeakers, the city advertises the event, which is held at the church.

This year, on Dec. 1, 2006, a camel and other child-friendly farm animals again begged for carrots from little hands. The Inn served hot cider and chocolate. Pathfinders and Adventurers, each carrying a basket loaded with tiny bread loaves and children’s literature, mingled with the guests. The tax collector chuckled with little visitors who were also required to sign the census scroll. Hosts, costumed as shepherds and wisemen, circulated through the crowd, witnessed, formed friendships, handed out pennies to be given to the tax collector, and invited the guests into the church.

Inside the church, the sanctuary filled to near capacity for two sacred concerts by Eagle Church musicians and Gem State Academy’s bell choirs and voice choir. Many families stopped by the fellowship room for hot soup and the famous little bread loaves. Many children took part in the Kids Nativity Craft Corner.

February 01, 2007 / Idaho Conference