Principal Gets a $1,000 Haircut In Hopes of a New Playground!

January 01, 2007 | Tiffany Rye

Community members and school supporters of all ages were shouting “Yee-haw” at Raven Hall on the Alaska State Fairgrounds on Saturday, Nov. 18, 2006, as 230 people gathered to raise money at their annual dinner auction. The money will be used for technology and playground equipment at the Mat Valley School in Palmer.

Community businesses, church members, school staff and parents donated tangible items and many acts of service, and baskets were filled with an array of festive treasures going from $20 to $300 during the auction. Horse rides on “Barb” (donated by the Koliadko family) were a huge attraction throughout the night, and a local “sheriff” handed out prizes to kids just for coming.

The fundraiser brought in more than $14,000 with supporters taking home everything from a pair of clippers to Ms. Marshall’s Traveling Bedtime Stories.

Then there was the auction item that took the cake…Ken Nelson, school principal, agreed to have his head shaved if people donated $1,000! "Mr. Nelson thought he was home free and there was no way we could raise that much money,” said Kent Sandvik, who started the bidding. “However, we did, much to Mr. Nelson’s surprise.”

“Many spectators and students stayed just to see if we could reach our goal and watch his locks fall to the floor,” said Cora Carleson, co-organizer of the event.

Nelson sat patiently as the school secretary attempted to shave his head with a pair of clippers…and…the clippers would not work so…she pulled out the trusty old scissors and went to work leaving him looking like he should fire his barber.

We all look forward to a 'boot-stompin’ good time next year!