North Creek Invites Community To Hear Mansfield Testimony

January 01, 2007 | Aaron Christensen

North Creek Christian Fellowship (NCCF) northeast of Seattle invited Ken Mansfield in early November to share his testimony with members of the community.

Mansfield is a born-again Christian, former Beatles road manager and former vice president of Apple Music.

Mansfield and his wife, Connie, spent the day at NCCF worshiping with members, sharing in a potluck with the church, then, that evening, giving his testimony.

After sharing his testimony, Mansfield and Ron Preast, NCCF pastor, participated in a question-and-answer session where questions ranged from Yoko Ono to the state of the dead.

In preparation for the event, church members spent countless hours painting, remodeling, re-carpeting and cleaning the church. This marked the first event after fixing up the facilities.

The Sabbath morning lesson study about the flood seemed to be mirrored by the weather of the day. God, however, was showing His church that He controls the weather. When the searchlights were turned on one hour prior to the event, God turned the rain off.

With the searchlights reaching the heavens and comments such as: “I never thought I’d hear 'A Hard Day’s Night' in a church,” and “I can’t believe this rain stopped,” NCCF finished a successful community outreach event.

Approximately 175 people attended the event with more than 100 first-time visitors. Additional outreach events to build community internally and externally are planned for 2007.