Empowering the Laity School of Evangelism Teaches Tools for Soul Winning

January 01, 2007 | Omar Grieve

People across Washington Conference are accepting the challenge of evangelism, not just abroad, but here at home too. And when the Bible says to preach the gospel to all the world, this is exactly what the Spanish members in Washington Conference plan to do in Western Washington.

Last September, 402 Hispanic church members registered for a School of Evangelism. Since then, participants have attended regular training sessions and weekend rallies conducted by Omar Grieve, Washington Conference Spanish coordinator.

Members enrolled in the school can obtain two different credentials: Bible instructor and lay preacher. The instruction sessions aren't all about theory. Part of this program is combined with practical evangelism. By the conclusion of the program, each evangelism student will have given at least three Bible studies and/or an evangelistic meeting.

The goal is to form 100 action groups in the next several months where each group will consist of two Bible instructors, two missionary mailmen and one lay evangelist.

The training period supports the growing momentum toward a lifestyle of evangelism which will lead into an initial special harvest in April.

The teams currently in training will be conducting evangelistic meetings in March with a goal of three to five baptisms per action group.