Adventist and Foursquare Churches Host Health Talks

The Second Mile Church in Anchorage rents from the Skyline Foursquare church. While the leaders of both churches have enjoyed a positive working relationship for the past several years, the congregations have never mixed until recently.

On Oct. 22 and 23, international health lecturer Paul Volk brought both congregations together to share some of the latest research in health, along with the Bible’s teachings on this life-changing topic.

More than 100 people showed up each night, with more than half being members of the Skyline Foursquare Church. Volk used personal stories, testimonies and a lot of humor to engage the audience and help them accept some principles that go directly against much of the North American (and yes, Alaskan!) lifestyle. Jim Bren, Skyline pastor, remarked following the seminar, “This was great—we need to do this several times a year to keep it in front of us!” He also mentioned his own personal need for a change in lifestyle as a Christian example and so he can minister more effectively.

Following the seminar, several members of the Skyline Church approached the pastor of The Second Mile Church to ask more about his church, the Sabbath and other church teachings. Perhaps this is the beginning of more events where The Second Mile can share Bible truth with those who are seeking, even within the Christian community here in Anchorage.

The Second Mile Church has been challenged to find a permanent home in this growing city due to high property values. God may have another plan, however. “Perhaps God wants us right where we are for now!” commented Brant Berglin, The Second Mile Church pastor.

December 01, 2006 / Alaska Conference