Walk Through Bethlehem Church Produces Live, Interactive Pageant

Step back in time, and take a "Walk Through Bethlehem" this holiday season with a live interactive pageant, complete with actors, animals, a synagogue, soldiers, tax collectors and more.

The program, produced by the Open Door Fellowship in Lynden, Wash., offers a complete Christmas experience. Visitors go back in time to Christ’s birthplace and travel down the bustling streets of Bethlehem, even “purchase” a cup of tea or hot lentil soup with gold they are given at the beginning of their journey.

Preparing for this event begins in August and means a lot of time and dedication from a core group of church members. In addition, many family members and members of area churches are involved since the production involves more than 100 volunteers.

Come take a Walk Through Bethlehem Dec. 1–3 and 8–10. Visit www.myopendoor.org for more information.

November 01, 2006 / Washington Conference