There's a Party in My Heart

"There’s a party in my heart!” was 7-year-old Matthew Kabush’s response after his baptism on a beautiful, sunny Sabbath afternoon in June—a fitting day for a young man to give his life to the Lord.

Some weeks earlier, after a special Sabbath sermon and an afternoon meeting about Revelation that Matthew’s parents, Christine and James Kabush, and their three boys, had attended in St. Maries, Idaho, Matthew expressed his desire to be baptized. With tears running down his cheeks, he told his parents he wanted Jesus to forgive his sins and come into his heart—he wanted to go to heaven!

Pastor John Pierce studied with Matthew in the succeeding weeks, making the comment at his baptism that Matthew had “understanding beyond his years.”

Matthew wanted to be baptized in the river, so St. Maries member, Sue Clark, opened her home situated by a quiet spot on the river for the baptism and accompanying picnic. We thank God for this young man and are sure God will be able to use him mightily for His work.

November 01, 2006 / Upper Columbia Conference