Thanksgiving Boxes A Bountiful Harvest

November 01, 2006 | Jaime Bennett

Giving out food boxes at Thanksgiving time has become a new tradition for the church beside the freeway in Woodland, Wash.

After the church's Thanksgiving party, the whole church family stays at the Community Service Center and helps put food together in boxes for local families. These boxes include staples, baking goods for the holiday season, canned foods, produce, bread and paper products.

Five years ago, the women’s ministries department was started, led by Janice Ross. For the first two years, women’s ministries gave Christmas food boxes to a few families. Then, to meet the needs of more families throughout the entire year, the Food Pantry was started.

Ross says that church members bring food each Sabbath and have been very generous. Many say that God has blessed them as they share with others. Now, food is delivered to people all during the year, as it is needed, often with the opportunity to visit and pray with the family.

Three years ago, the Christmas boxes were changed to Thanksgiving boxes so the items could be used throughout the whole holiday season. The church family worked hard donating time, food, money and prayers.

Food boxes throughout the year and the Saturday night before Thanksgiving have become a tradition at the Woodland Church.