North Pacific Union Conference Constituency Session Delegates Re-elect Officers

North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) delegates, meeting in Portland on Sunday, Oct. 1, re-elected officers Jere Patzer, president, Bryce Pascoe, secretary, and Norman Klam, treasurer, for the 2006 through 2011 term. All three were elected by more than 90 percent of the nearly 300 voting delegates.

Delegates also dealt with several recommended changes in the constitution, including approval for an official change of address for the NPUC office once it moves into new Ridgefield, Wash., headquarters and a change of title for the Hispanic and regional affairs directors: from assistant to the president to vice president.

Many of the delegates came to Portland for the entire weekend in order to attend the final couple of days of the Northwest Adventist Leadership Convention. The convention theme of "Share the Light" carried over to the constituency session as well. Discussion grew intense and lengthy at times, yet remained consistently respectful and thoughtful.

While North American Division president Don Schneider gave the devotional and presided over the election of the officers, NPUC president, Jere Patzer, remarkably fit following his most recent chemotherapy treatment for lymphoma, stood at the podium most of the day as chair of the session. He returned to the hospital just two days later to begin the final two treatments which are projected to be finished by the first of December.

NPUC departmental directors are scheduled to be elected by the Executive Committee at its November meeting.

November 01, 2006 / North Pacific Union