July 4th Vegeburger Booth Raises Money to Help Community

Members and friends of the Kelso-Longview Church came July 2 to 5 to be at the vegeburger booth at Lake Sacajewea in Longview. The booth is one of many booths and attractions visited by people who come to the "Go Fourth" celebration. This event is listed in Sunset magazine as one of the top four July 4th celebrations in Washington, and the booths are a way for nonprofit organizations to share information about their ministries.

Volunteers, working in shifts, sell vegeburgers and many other delectable foods and drinks to raise money for the Community Service Center and The Project—a program that gives one new school outfit to each child brought in to the center by a parent. Each child also receives a second outfit of quality used clothing. For some of the children, these outfits are their first new clothes ever! ADRA also helped The Project by donating $1,500. This year, 306 children went away very happy with their new school wardrobe.

November 01, 2006 / Oregon Conference