Joshua and Aaron Visit Pathfinders and Adventurers

Idaho Conference Pathfinders and Adventurers, 115 in all, had two unusual visitors come to their camporee, held Sept. 15–17 in Summerville, Ore., at Roy and Heather Way's farm. Friday evening, after a rousing song service amid rain showers, Joshua arrived. He told stories of experiencing the plagues in Egypt as a young boy. Like an excited child, Joshua told about crossing the Red Sea after Pharoah decided to let them go. Imagine a young boy, walking through the sea on dry land with walls of water—curious, but a little afraid too. Joshua (aka Terry Rusk, Idaho Conference Pathfinder director) learned that God always took care of them, even when they didn’t have water, food or were facing enemies on the battlefield.

On Sabbath, Joshua was joined by Aaron, the high priest, dressed in his finest robes. Aaron (aka Vontress Cockrum, Snake River Valley/Eastern Oregon Pathfinder coordinator) taught us the Sanctuary honor. Aaron had Pathfinders come to the front and portray different pieces of furniture—he made the sanctuary come alive. Everyone went through stations to learn more about each area of the sanctuary and how each part was designed to teach the Israelites something about God and His love.

Afternoon activities included parts of the Wilderness Living honor. Pathfinders learned how to use a solar still to collect water, build a shelter if they didn’t have a tent, tie knots, develop their own survival kit, and how to find and identify edible wild plants.

Joshua finished up the day with more stories and by challenging the Pathfinders and Adventurers to make a choice. They could be bold and choose to follow God, just like he and his family did. Nearly a dozen Pathfinders and Adventurers decided to be baptized. More than earning honors, Pathfinders is about giving kids the opportunity to choose Jesus.

November 01, 2006 / Idaho Conference