Adventist Booth at the Douglas County Fair Encourages Preparing for Heaven

November 01, 2006 | Sandra Haynes

Clowns, music, fast rides, animal competitions, excited children, weary babies, eager adults, and exhibits of many varieties—all were represented at this year’s Douglas County Fair from Aug. 8–12.

This year’s theme, “Land of Milk and Honey—Bee There,” presented a great opportunity for a twist of more inspiring words for the Seventh-day Adventist booth. The words on a sign over the booth read: “Preparing for the Heavenly Land of Milk and Honey—Let’s Be There.”

Centrally located in Douglas Hall, the booth displayed color photos of most of the area’s Seventh-day Adventist churches with the street address and city listed below. Curtis Perkins of the Roseburg Adventist Church put together the attractive display. This year’s booth was organized by Arlene and John Sproed.

The booth was staffed by members of the local churches and offered books, magazines, DVDs, a CD by Christian music artist Steve Darmody, and children’s coloring and activity books.