SonTreasure Island Comes to Caldwell

Children across the Treasure Valley went on an island adventure to SonTreasure Island, held at the Caldwell (Idaho) Church the week of June 26. Kids discovered God's love from examining I Corinthians 13:4–8. Each day a new lesson brought out a Bible teaching that helped kids learn how Jesus’ life illustrates God’s love. While kids were having fun, they also learned to talk to God as they explored the different activity rooms, and went on an expedition into the pages of God’s Word.

“We had an average of 45 children per day," said director Holly Russell, “and we included a salvation message in every lesson to help lead kids to Jesus.” Because of that message, three families of those children who attended Vacation Bible School are now attending the Caldwell Church on a weekly basis.

Graduation ceremonies were on Friday night, and 42 students received their graduation certificates and the book Summer of the Sharks. “The kids were so excited!” says teacher Jeanne Jarnes.

These children not only learned about how God’s love is "giving, kind, caring, forgiving and forever," but also they discovered that God’s love is the greatest treasure of all! One student, Jessica, said, “I never want VBS to end. I wish it would last forever!” Children were not only touched by the many teachers who taught them, but by the Holy Spirit. And that’s a blessing in itself.

October 01, 2006 / Idaho Conference

Becky Bindernagel and Holly Russell, VBS directors