New Volunteer Program Starts at YACS

Yakima Adventist Christian School (YACS) relies on volunteers to help in a number of ways with the students and their activities. Since it is important that they receive the proper training, the school has started a new volunteer screening/orientation program. Early in August, 34 men and women started the process to become basic level 1 volunteers, with 30 of them taking the additional training to become level 2 volunteers. The primary difference between the two levels is that level 2 volunteers not only have more extensive interaction with children on-campus, but also often accompany them on off-campus trips.

Patrick Frey, YACS principal, introduced the program and fielded a few questions. The screening/orientation process involved watching a video about what is involved in becoming a YACS volunteer. After the first video, the level 2 volunteers watched a second training video about behavior management techniques.

The screening process differs somewhat between the two groups. All volunteers are required to view the first video, complete the volunteer information form, be interviewed by the Volunteer Committee, complete the Washington State Patrol criminal history information sheet, and have an ID picture taken. In addition, the screening for level 2 requires viewing the second video and being fingerprinted.

October 01, 2006 / Upper Columbia Conference