New Plane and Hangar For Dillingham Area Mission Work

Paul Karmy, of Burleson, Texas, read in the Adventist World Aviation (AWA) newsletter that an airplane was needed in Bristol Bay to serve the needs of the native people there. After discussing the situation with Jim Kincaid, Alaska Conference chief pilot, and Don Starlin, AWA president, Paul and his wife Darlene chose to purchase a Cessna R172K, known as the Hawk XP. This is a souped-up 172, sporting a 210 HP engine and constant speed prop. The Karmys also decided to give seed money to build a hangar in Dillingham where the donated airplane could be secured against winter storms and cold temperatures.

When Jim Bingman, Dillingham member and pilot, heard about the provision of a mission airplane he decided to donate a new airplane hangar for the project. The hangar was in storage “in a box.” It would require a foundation, a wood secondary structure and finishing materials. With permit in hand, the building was started on July 27.

The Hawk XP was ferried to Alaska in early August by Jim Kincaid with the Karmys accompanying in their plane. The plane was immediately pressed into service carrying volunteers to work on the Togiak multi-purpose building project in progress at the same time.

Phil Becker of Chehalis, Wash., and Daniel Milleren of Toledo, Wash., joined the Karmys in Dillingham to work on the hangar. Concrete was poured on Friday, Aug.18. Rain poured on the concrete until noon. The prayers for better weather were heard and by early afternoon the sun came out and the pour was completed.

The foundation is now waiting for the steel frame and completed shell so the airplane can be secure for the winter.

October 01, 2006 / Alaska Conference