End of Summer Convocation Church Hosts Mini Camp Meeting

For the third year, Tacoma South Side Church has combined the elements of summer—pleasant memories, nurturing friendships and worshipping God—to host an end-of-summer convocation for area churches.

The weekend gathering, an informal, small-scale version of camp meeting, featured Jud Lake, Southern Adventist University religion professor, and Cindy Tutsch, Ellen G. White Estate associate director. Charles Haugabrooks, of Morning Song Ministry, provided an afternoon concert.

Lake’s Sabbath morning presentation examined the relationship between the Bible and Ellen G. White’s writings. He explained how the two parts worked together in a cycle where White’s writings do not supersede the Bible but rather reflect it.

“Those who read the Bible and the writings of Ellen G. White grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ,” he said. “The steady diet of our churches should be the Scriptures. I hope you read Ellen G. White regularly, but most importantly, I hope you read the Bible [regularly].”

“Our express purpose for [this convocation],” said David Moench, Tacoma South Side pastor, "is to open our hearts to the leading of the Holy Spirit and His outpouring.”

October 01, 2006 / Washington Conference

Heidi Martella, Washington Conference communication intern