Dedicated to Quality and Compassion

Presently, I am experiencing a side of health care that I never have before. As vice chairman of Adventist Health’s Board of Directors, I’ve had the privilege of being on the administrative end of health care for two decades. Now, as a patient, I have an even deeper appreciation for the doctors, nurses and other clinicians who have dedicated their lives to helping others. These incredible people are the ones who, day in and day out, keep hospitals running smoothly, calm anxieties and encourage so many of us in the fight of our lives.

I can personally attest to the fact that Adventist Health is more than a corporation. It epitomizes, it personalizes and it validates its mission statement. When I was first diagnosed with stage IV mantel cell lymphoma, Don Ammon, Adventist Health president and CEO, began to network on my behalf. As a result, I received a wealth of information and guidance pointing me toward the best care possible for my disease.

Furthermore, Ammon and others from Adventist Health have contacted me again and again to offer their support, prayer and concern. This type of caring and compassion makes Adventist Health distinctive and stand out from the rest.

Across the system’s four-state service area, our hospitals are teeming with individuals who have dedicated their lives to serving the whole person—body, mind and spirit. And they go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that they are actively living Adventist Health’s mission. Once again, this special issue of the GLEANER will give you a glimpse into the lives of several inspiring people who go to work every day knowing that what they do and how they do it will make a difference in someone’s life.

Throughout the following pages, you’ll also discover that Adventist Health and its hospitals are deeply committed to continually enhancing the quality of care they provide to their communities by participating in numerous state and federal quality initiatives. All this is in an effort to make the patient experience better and safer for those who enter the doors of any Adventist Health facility.

As you read through this issue, I know you’ll be reminded—once again—of the incredible mission that our Seventh-day Adventist hospitals deliver to their patients and families every day.

October 01, 2006 / Editorial