Ten Commandments Shared with the Nez Perce Indians

Gerry Mahn has a passion. His passion is sharing copies of the Ten Commandments with government leaders in the U.S. and overseas. He recently came to the Grangeville (Idaho) Church to talk about his work.

Leif Ove has a passion too. His passion is to share the gospel with the Native American people. When Ove heard Mahn’s presentation, he thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could share the Ten Commandments with the Tribal General Council?”

Ove knew how difficult it is for a non-tribal member to get on the agenda of the council. However, he knew one of the nine council members was already taking the Native New Day Bible studies. Also, he was acquainted with another council member through native prayer meetings. After much prayer, Ove called that council member’s office, asking if there would be an opening in the agenda for Mahn to make a gift presentation to the Tribal Council and to the Leader of the Longhouse. He said he would present our request to the agenda committee and call us back. A whole week went by—no word. Monday came—still no word.

We kept praying, although we began to doubt that we would hear from them. But on Tuesday, we received a call from the secretary of the council, saying they were reserving a place for us on Thursday at 9 a.m., right after the opening ceremonies.

Some of our Adventist members who work for the tribe were astonished that morning to see us listed on the agenda that came in their e-mail. They kept asking, “How did you do it?” We kept saying, “It was the working of the Lord!”

The chairperson of the General Council graciously accepted our gift with much respect and appreciation. The audience was awestruck. Later, the native pastor said, “When the PiNeeWaus goes silent, you know God is there!” What a testimony!

Mahn brought enough unframed Ten Commandments to give one to each home represented. He no sooner made the announcement and laid them on the table than a long line formed of those wanting a copy. They were all gone within minutes. We just pray the Holy Spirit will bless each home with His presence to draw these beautiful people to Him.

September 01, 2006 / Upper Columbia Conference