Service in Action At Libby Adventist Christian School

Students at Libby Adventist Christian School served others in a variety of ways last school year. Early in the year, after Hurricane Katrina, the students baked and sold pumpkin pies to earn almost $200 to send to hurricane survivors. In addition to collecting canned goods in the fall, the nine students (grades 1–8) prepared 120 dry bean soup packets to be distributed from the local food bank.

At Christmas, students donated money they would normally use for gifts for their classmates to “buy” 11 blankets and mattresses through the ADRA gift catalog as well as to feed a Bangladesh infant for 40 days.

The students also make quarterly visits to the local nursing home and clean an adopted section of road. Twice during the year students presented the worship service at the church. With the enthusiastic support from the church family, students have learned the joy of serving others.

September 01, 2006 / Montana Conference