Oregon Koreans Minister in Kenya

Hansoo Kim, Eugene Korean Church pastor, and Ken Shou, church head elder and a local physician, along with other team members, spent two weeks in June in Kenya conducting a weeklong evangelistic series and providing medical care to more than 2,000 people. They also distributed 635 bicycles and $11,000 in scholarships to pastors and students in the area.

During the trip we visited the Eastern Africa Division, Eastern Africa Union, University of Eastern Africa Baraton (UEAB), and Western Kenya mission field. On Sabbath, June 3, we spent a wonderful time sharing the word of God with high school students at Baraton Adventist Secondary School.

On June 4, the team separated into two groups: one group went to the remote area of west Pokot to provide free medical treatment and to share the good news of the gospel. Shou went to Pokot. I remained at the university with the second group; along with the help of a team from the local Jeremic Community Medical Centre, we provided free medical treatment to hundreds of residents around Kaplolo village.

Kaplolo, just three kilometers from the university, is a stronghold of Catholicism. The outreach team of the university church has tried to enter and establish a church for the last 20 years.

I preached the Three Angels Message to hundreds of people nightly for a week. Most of people braved heavy tropical rain storms to come. At the end of a very fruitful medical rally and a spiritually loaded evangelistic crusade, a total of 57 people accepted Christ as their personal savior and were baptized into the Adventist faith. They are planning to build a church there soon.

The trip was coordinated by the nonprofit organization Bicycle Mission to the World (BMW), whose main mission is to provide bicycles to pastors and Bible workers in Africa.

September 01, 2006 / Oregon Conference