Lassen Creek Camp Meeting

Many people from Oregon and Northern California attended Lassen Creek Camp Meeting in late June. People from as far away as Coos Bay came to worship in the pristine, mountain setting of Lassen Creek National Forest Campground.

Friday evening, George P. White, Lakeview Church pastor, was the evening speaker. Linda Poore was our pianist for weekend and had come with her husband Gene in their motor home from Coos Bay.

White spoke about God’s desire and ability to transform us into soul winners for His kingdom. Moses had a “stick” (rod) in his hand but Moses’ stick became a tool for our miracle-working God. Plagues descended—water parted—water for a thirsty nation came forth, all because Moses let God use his “stick.” Elisha let God use a stick he cut from a common tree and a metal ax head, something that cannot float, and helped it to float so it could be returned to its rightful owner. God can use even very common people to do wonderful things as we allow ourselves to become “sticks” in His hand and love and obey His commands.

On Sabbath morning, Larry Cole, Lakeview Church head elder and Sabbath School teacher, gave a wonderful Sabbath School lesson on the Holy Spirit in the last days.

During our worship service, we listened to 3ABN’s Danny Shelton as he brought us a stirring message about God’s worldwide work. 3ABN is a Seventh-day Adventist supporting radio and TV ministry that joins local Adventist churches in preaching the gospel to the world. Sabbath afternoon, Shelton and his wife, Brandy, brought us a music program and also told us of the wonderful way God is leading 3ABN. In the evening, Shelton shared how God is working miracles to establish new outlets for 3ABN to reach around the world.

ABC manager Steve Hilde, his wife Jerilee, and their crew led out in a very enthusiastic children’s program. The children participated in Bible scavenger hunts and many other activities to learn about Jesus. Our children told me how much they liked the program and the teachers.

The Oregon ABC set up their display of books and food. The ABC was very welcome because they are not often able to come all the way to Lakeview, Ore.. Everyone in the southeastern corner of the Oregon Conference was very happy to be able to select books and vegetarian food in our local area.

We are already planning for next year and will be adding an extra day of meetings. The dates for 2007 Lassen Creek Camp Meeting are June 21–23.

September 01, 2006 / Oregon Conference