Gladstone Park Church Joins Hands With Youth for Jesus

The Gladstone Park Church held a prophecy seminar, Unfolding Revelation, June 16–July 15. They were assisted by students from the Mission College of Evangelism, who are part of a program called Youth for Jesus. These young people come from all over the U.S. to take classes to learn how to effectively share their faith with people in the community. This February they visited with people in the Gladstone area and invited them to attend the meetings.

Hiram Rester presented the seminar. He has held public meetings in Mississippi and recently was the evangelist for the Texico Conference.

Jane Fischen, who was baptized during the meetings said, "One of the students studied the Scriptures with me in my home. I enjoyed the seminar, and after six weeks I have decided to follow Jesus."

"I guess you could call it practical Christianity," Del Colton, a local elder, said. "When I visited the homes for Bible studies during the seminar, I always found people who needed their lawns mowed or cars repaired."

Justin Howard, the evangelistic coordinator for the seminar, said, "There were 60 to 70 visitors in attendance every night; 33 of them were baptized during the seminar or at camp meeting. Twenty more people are ready for baptism."

September 01, 2006 / Oregon Conference