Protect Your Heart The CHIP Way

August 01, 2006 | Juanita Prince

Art and Elizabeth Keeler, 79 and 83, were the oldest participants in the Coronary Health Improvement Program (CHIP) held April 9 through May 17 at the South Hill Church in Spokane, Wash. They certainly proved that you can be fit at any age, as stated by Hans Diehl, M.D., founder of the program.

Art and Elizabeth are not Adventists but came to one of five informational sessions. But before signing up for the program, they had questions. Art said, "When I heard about the program, I didn't want to jump into something I knew nothing about. I wanted good representatives that knew what they were talking about."

They warmed up to the CHIP staff each night as they came to the sessions. Art had a contagious smile with a twinkle in his eyes and was always ready with a witty little joke. Elizabeth was warm and thoughtful as she asked questions.

All the participants were happy with the results of their health improvement at the end of the program, especially Art, who had a triple bypass a few years ago. He is doing well and has more energy. Elizabeth won a prize at the CHIP graduation to have a complete coronary heart evaluation done.

Art and Elizabeth have accepted the new lifestyle for living. "The CHIP program is wonderful!” they said. "We are sharing it with others!”