PAA Senior Publishes Baptismal Book

August 01, 2006 | Heather Fowler

Walking the halls of Portland Adventist Academy, one can’t help but notice friendly, outgoing Lizzie Johnson. With her contagious smile and sincere charm, Johnson is a wonderful example of one who walks the walk. Her strong desire to witness God’s love is displayed in her Christian personality that can’t be missed. With an ambition to become a pastor, she naturally turned to her own pastor for advice on a senior project idea. The result was a baptismal study guide themed after her favorite pastime: hiking. Not only did she write the book entitled My Journey with Jesus, but it has now been published.

Johnson has always felt a desire to help other teenagers form a relationship with Jesus. This was the inspiration for her book which includes the 28 Adventist beliefs geared for the teenage audience.

Actively participating in numerous school activities, including preaching at local churches for the school's Feature Church program, Johnson is always eager to help. “She is so busy, but she goes above and beyond to help others,” said Linda Hill, former coordinator of Feature Church. “Lizzie is truly a God-gifted student.”

Each section of the 87-page book is headed by words such as Base Campthe opening question to start the journey—and GPS, God’s Powerful Scriptures, and are designed to help the reader relate to the journey with Jesus. “I have always found that nature is a wonderful way to feel Jesus’ presence,” says Johnson. “When I sit there overlooking the Columbia Gorge and all its beauty, I can’t help but feel in awe at the world He created and made beautiful for my enjoyment!”

The Holy Spirit is certainly working on young people like Johnson. One out of every five seniors gave their hearts to Christ through baptism while attending PAA. Three more students will be baptized this summer. “God gives students like Lizzie the tools to touch others,” said Les Zollbrecht, PAA chaplain. And touch others she has and will continue to do. After a memorable mission trip to Peru this spring, Johnson decided to return this summer and use her book to give Bible studies to the people living there. “I feel God is calling me to minister to the people of Peru, and let them know how much He loves them,” said Johnson. “Everyone deserves to learn of God’s love.”

Her book can be found at