Dear fellow members:

The North Pacific Union Conference was organized 100 years ago to partner with members and local conferences in the Adventist mission to "Share the Light" in the Northwest. Now here we are, a century later, still with earthly addresses, anxious to complete this important work so we can all be home with Jesus.

In just about two months delegates will meet for the 26th constituency session of the North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC). More than 300 of our Northwest members, along with several representatives from the North American Division and General Conference, will review the accomplishments of the last five years, and elect the three NPUC officers and executive committee members who will help lead our church’s mission in the Northwest for the next term.

We invite you to review our departmental reports in the next few pages and evaluate for yourself how this partnership in our church's mission is progressing.

The delegates who will be attending this session on October 1 have been chosen by your local conferences and institutions to represent you. If you would like to share your perspectives with a delegate, you’ll find a complete list on pages 24–25 of this GLEANER.

We are so thankful for your partnership in the mission of our church during these past five years. The days ahead will be both challenging and exciting. We invite you to pray with us that the Spirit will work in and through us all to "Share the Light" so our friends and neighbors can be ready to meet Jesus.


Jere D. Patzer, president

Bryce Pascoe, secretary

Norman W. Klam, treasurer

August 01, 2006 / Editorial