Executive Committee

The North Pacific Union Conference Executive Committee

A sincere “Thank you” on behalf of the 91,000 Northwest Seventh-day Adventist members to those who have served on the North Pacific Union Conference executive committee during the 2001–06 term. They have given their time, expertise, and guidance in helping to share the mission and message of the Adventist church in the Northwest. For their support, prayers, encouragement and wise counsel, we are grateful.

Donald R. Ammon*

Alf Birch

Kami Borg*

George Boundey

Ramon Canals*

George Carambot

Robert Chung*

Jon Corder

Ken Crawford*

Harold Dixon*

Gary Dodge*

Jon Dybdahl*

German Escalante*

Ruth Farnsworth*

John Freedman*

Dale Galusha*

Richard Gingrich*

Gayle Harris*

Robert Hastings*

Deanne Hoehn*

Alan Hurlbert*

Myron Iseminger

Russ Johnson

Edson Joseph*

Bruce Juhl*

Blaine Kenney*

Norman W. Klam*

Steve Libby*

Don Livesay*

John Loor, Jr.*

Alix Mansker*

Alphonso McCarthy*

Benny Moore

James Morin*

Joan Oksenholt*

Ralph Orduno

Priscilla Orozco

Gary Parks*

Bryce Pascoe*

Jere D. Patzer*

Bob Paulsen*

Bill Roberts*

Randy Robinson*

William Santana

N.C. Sorenson

Brent Stanyer*

Conrad Thomas*

Colleen Tillay*

Max Torkelsen, II*

Keith Walde*

Steve Wallace*

LeRoy Washington*

Dave Weigley

Ann Westermeyer*

Kevin Wilfley*

Jack Woosley

* Currently serving

August 01, 2006 / Editorial