Church Birthday Party

The Hood River Church’s youth group planned and invited the entire church family to a "spiritual birthday party." Each person was asked to bring a favorite Bible text and baptismal certificate.

Leaders Robert and Jessica Bailey started the evening about an hour before Sabbath sundown with a humorous skit about a book salesman and a resistant buyer. Following the skit we formed a close circle where we could respond to the question, “tell us about your baptism and how you became a member of the Adventist church.”

The first response was from someone who was a fourth-generation Adventist. Thankfulness was expressed for the combined influence of a Christian home, attending church school, academy and college. Continuing, it was admitted that there has been much growth learning that we are saved by God’s grace and not dependent on deeds or action. It is by the gift of Jesus, His death on the cross that gives us salvation. Others growing up in the church shared similar sentiments.

Then there were testimonies from those who had also been born and raised in the church but had slipped away in their youth. They shared how events in their life and prayers of family and loved ones helped to renew their commitment and bring them back to God.

After sundown, everyone enjoyed eating snacks, birthday cake and ice cream while playing table games or playing volleyball. The “birthday party” was a wonderful evening of fellowship with friends.

August 01, 2006 / Oregon Conference