You Can Make a Difference

July 01, 2006 | Glen Davis

Youth Education Scholarships (YES!) make it possible for students with financial needs to attend one of the four Oregon Conference senior academies: Columbia, Livingstone, Milo and Portland.

Since 1973, YES! has granted more than 4,000 scholarships totaling over $4 million. In addition to realizing their dreams to attend academy, these 4,000 students have received a solid Adventist education preparing them for lives of service.

Unfortunately, student aid funding is not keeping pace with the inflationary increases in the cost of Christian education. For YES! to continue to meet the financial needs of parents and students, we need additional funds. Will you be part of the solution?

Just for a moment, consider how blessed we are and how we can become partners with our Lord in returning to Him money for the education of young people. Seventh-day Adventist Christian education is not a "luxury," but a necessity. What has God enabled you to do?

YES! is making a difference in the lives of students now and for eternity! (Please see the letter on the right.) Can there be a more fruitful mission field? Only eternity will tell us the entire story of how YES! has made a difference in the lives of our youth.

For more information about contributing to or applying for YES! funds, please contact the education department at (503) 652-2225 or

Dear Mr. Davis,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We just received word that our daughter will receive assistance toward her school bill. You don’t know how well timed that good news was!!

My husband was out of work for the first part of the month and I just came home after emergency surgery. This letter was like a ray of sunshine after many days of dark clouds.

Again, thank you for following this through and for being in a position where you can help parents and children finance Christian education. God bless you!!

~A Grateful Mother

A special offering designated for YES! will be collected during the Thursday evening meeting, July 20, at Gladstone Camp Meeting. Please consider a generous gift to help provide Adventist Christian education for our academy students.